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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY -- We no longer ship this DVD program, but you can download the video and workbook digitally (as MP4 video file and PDF workbook files) immediately after checkout. You can then begin watching instantly on your computer.

(A Doodle Interpretation DVD For Everyone)

The Doodle Test DVD Program is a fun and easy way to analyze many key personality elements, such as your confidence level, self image, competitiveness, feelings about your parents, sex, and much more.

Simply doodle the first thing that comes to mind in each of the two test sheets included. (No artistic talent required.)

After you've finished doodling, watch the DVD to interpret your test. You'll soon see exactly why Andrea says your doodles reveal oodles about you.

In addition to The Doodle Test, Andrea shows you how to interpret a wide variety of your favorite, everyday doodles, such as doodles of boxes, spider webs, triangles, houses and people.

The Doodle Test DVD Program comes with extra test copies and, after taking it yourself, you'll want to give it to everyone you know. Doodle parties are great fun!

Price: 1-hour digital video (MP4 format) and workbook (PDF format): US $30.00 (no S&H)

Shipping/Replacement/Returns: Upon purchase through our online store, you will receive a link to download the video and workbook files. We will replace any file(s) if you have a problem.  No returns accepted, all sales final.


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