Dishonesty In Handwriting Video Download

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY -- We no longer ship this DVD program, but you can download the video and workbook digitally (as MP4 video file and PDF workbook files) immediately after checkout. You can then begin watching instantly on your computer.

(For All Law Enforcement, Security, & Lay Public)

Use graphalogy to spot thieves, liars, rogues and your average, everyday "bad guys!"

In this two-hour DVD video program, Andrea McNichol shows you how to use handwriting to get honest people into your life -- in your business, home, or personal relationships.

Filled with the handwriting of infamous criminals, Andrea also devotes a section to spotting the signs associated with the potential for violence, with special warnings on when it's time to take action.

2-hour digital video (MP4 format) and workbook (PDF format): US$30.00 (no S&H)

Shipping/Replacement/Returns: Upon purchase through our online store, you will receive a link to download the video and workbook files. We will replace any file(s) if you have a problem.  No returns accepted, all sales final.


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