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These are sets of speaker presentations from our Healthy Lifestyle Expos.  

Each EXPO set contains at least 12 hours of life-saving information. Learn how to prevent or reverse heart disease, type II diabetes, lose weight and keep it off, prevent and effectively fight cancer. 

“It is rare that the product exceeds the hype, but that is certainly the case with the GET HEALTHY NOW DVD series. The speakers are monumental. The cost is insignificant in comparison to the knowledge and health gained from the education these people provide.” -- Scott Cohn, San Diego, CA

The Expo lifestyle is what most people lived for thousands of years before our current processed lifestyle took over and obesity skyrocketed.  The experts in the GET HEALTHY NOW series show you how to cure yourself. 


About the programs

We offer different GET HEALTHY NOW programs. Each one is different and contains unique, vital information and talks. Each set contains a total of 12 to 13 hours of video presentations. This is the nitty-gritty health information you want.

All of these programs have the same name – GET HEALTHY NOW – but a different color to identify each one: Red, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Bronze, Blue and White.

If you’re ordering for the first time, one possible order to buy them in would be: Red & White Striped, BLACK, RED, WHITE, BRONZE, YELLOW, PURPLE, GREEN, then ORANGE, and then BLUE.


You can scroll down and click on each DVD to read details of the speakers and subjects, and to watch video excerpts.



Get Healthy Now Red & White Striped Set

The RED & WHITE STRIPED set includes Ten Ways a Vegan Diet Will Help You Avoid the Scalpel, Plant Based Changes in Real World Medicine, The World of the Physician Farmer, ImmunoNutrition, Plant-Based Young & Old -- Above & Below the Belt, The Maximum Weight Loss Program, Heart Attack-Proof, Q&A on Vegan Health, Extremes in Human Nutrition, Water Fasting Can Save Your Life, The Veg 10: Basics of the Vegeterranean Diet. This if from our Expo 2015.

Get Healthy Now BLACK Set

The BLACK set includes The Cause & Cure for Heart Disease, Hope, the Dietary Pleasure Trap, Success: How Not to Look Back, Exercise - It's What's for Dinner, Plant-Based Above and Below the Belt, Get Lean the Easy Way, Your Heart on Plants, Where Do Your Children Get Their Protein? From Expo 2014.

Get Healthy Now WHITE Set

The WHITE set includes Underlying Principles of Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition, Common Health Myths, What Is Wholistic Nutrition? What Animals Tell Us About Good & Evil, Meals For Health, Preventing Common Psychological Injuries, Deepening Our Connection to All Life, Heal Yourself Heal The World, The Cause & Cure for Heart Disease, Eating Plant-Perfect. From Expo 2013.

Get Healthy Now BRONZE Set

The BRONZE set presents the latest info about nuts, Alzheimer's Disease, GMO foods, Heart Disease, Raw Foods, diet for longevity, cooking demos -- and much more. From Expo 2012.

Get Healthy Now YELLOW Set

The YELLOW set presents the latest info about kickstaring your health, label reading, super immunity against cancer, digestion, man as top predator, separating fact from fiction in medical research, cooking demos -- and much more. From Expo 2011.

Get Healthy Now RED Set

The RED set presents the latest info about separating fact from fiction when it comes to health, metabolism and hunger, longevity, cancer prevention, preventing and reversing heart disease, arthritis and multiple sclerosis and diet, how to eat healthy without trying, cooking demos -- and much more. From Expo 2010.

Get Healthy Now PURPLE Set

The PURPLE set presents the latest nutritional update, facts about oils & fats, maintaining ideal weight, neutralizing negativity, the living simply, the starch solution, truth about salt (the scapegoat for the American diet), responding to planetary anguish, cooking demos -- and much more. From Expo 2009.

Get Healthy Now ORANGE Set

The ORANGE set shows how to understand food labels, combat obesity, reverse heart disease, protect women's health, discover what our physiology tells us about diet, cooking demos -- and much more. From Expo 2007.

Get Healthy Now GREEN Set

The GREEN set covers alleviating depression, arresting diabetes, stopping autoimmune diseases, longevity secrets, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, preventing breast and prostate cancer, cooking demos -- and much more. From Expo 2006.

Get Healthy Now BLUE Set

The BLUE set highlights breaking the sugar addiction, becoming thin for life, avoiding strokes, normalizing blood sugar, beating cancer, raising healthy children, cooking demos -- and much more. From Expo 2005.


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