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12 hours of inspiring, enlightening, life-saving information!

Attendees of the 2005 Healthy Lifestyle Expo said this is the best Expo ever, the best talks ever, the most high-energy weekend they ever attended!

NOW you can experience the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2005 in the comfort of your home! Here is some of what you'll get with this DVD set:

What are the problems facing people today, and how will this program help?

  • OBESITY Weightloss experts John McDougall MD and Joel Fuhrman MD teach you how and why you're fat, and how to get trim and stay that way.
  • HEART DISEASE Cardiology expert Caldwell Esselstyn MD teaches you how to be heart attack proof.
  • DIABETES Endocrinologist Francine Kaufman MD shows you how and why people are developing diabetes, and what you can do to stop it.
  • SUGAR ADDICTION Health coach Alex Jamieson from Super Size Me demonstrates how you can kick the habit today.
  • UNHEALTHY KIDS Pediatrician Jay Gordon MD advises you how to replace unhealthy eating styles with healthy ones.
  • CANCER Researcher Neal Barnard MD tells you how to protect yourself from this American scourge.
  • FACTORY FARMING Whole Foods regional president Michael Besancon discusses how companies can improve the lives of "food animals."
  • CRUELTY Buddhist Rev. Heng Sure offers wisdom on how to eat and live more compassionately
  • Learn how to create quick and easy delicious healthy food in the Cooking Demo section with chefs Mary McDougall, Chef Tanya, Marie Oser, and Sabrina Nelson.

MORE INFO (and click on image at right):

  • What is the truth about soy? Is it health food? Is it dangerous? The truth -- from a 1-hour presentation from John McDougall MD -- will shock you. This is information YOU WANT TO HAVE, especially if you're a soy-junky or you have children.
  • Neal Barnard MD brings you the latest and most up-to-date health research available anywhere.
  • Why is there so much diabetes in this country? Diabetes expert Dr. Francine Kaufman and author of bestseller "Diabesity" tells you why.
  • Alex Jamieson, co-star of the hit Super Size Me, will tell you how she conquered a sugar addiction -- and how you can, too.
  • Looking for your dream veg pediatrician? You won't want to miss the incredibly enlightening talk of Jay Gordon, MD.
  • What do your cholesterol numbers really mean? Cardiogy expert Caldwell Esselstyn MD explains a very simple way you can know your risk of having a heart attack -- and how to dramatically lower your risk.
  • Hear Michael Besancon, president of the Southwest region of Whole Foods, explain Whole Foods' animal compassion program.
  • Listen to Buddhist Reverent Heng Sure recite his new "VegSource mantra."
  • Learn how to create quick and easy delicious vegan food with chefs Mary McDougall of the McDougall Health Center, Tanya of Native Foods,Marie Oser of VegTV, and Sabrina Nelson of VegSource.

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