June 02, 2014

About Us

My name is Jeff Nelson and along with my wife, I am the founder of VegSource.com. I am also the director of the documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE, and the producer of many of the DVDs in this store.

19 years ago, my wife Sabrina received a death sentence. She was diagnosed with a deadly autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis (RP). With RP, your immune system attacks and destroys your body’s cartilage.

RP kills 45% of people diagnosed with it -- within 10 years. For the 55% still alive after 10 years, many have been devastated by side effects of medications used to treat the disease. 

Diet Cures

Sabrina was lucky. After a year of suffering, she discovered valuable information that saved her life. She learned a simple, cheap, powerful, side-effect-free way to cure herself of this incurable disease.

Sabrina changed her diet.

Three weeks later, her disease went into remission. That was 18 years ago. Today Sabrina is active, healthy, energetic – and still disease free – working full time and raising three healthy children.

Sharing life-saving truth with you

As Sabrina and I learned more about health, we met a number of preeminent medical doctors who were all using a lowfat plant-based diet to cure people -- of many different diseases. We decided to bring them together into a health super forum.

And we videotaped many of their powerful presentations so that others could get the knowledge to protect or completely restore their own health too.

The result of this years-long undertaking are the products in the VegSource store, which we have been offering here from our store in Los Angeles, California, for nearly 14 years.

The Store


My wife dodged a fatal disease bullet because she was blessed to get valuable information. So in 2001, we decided to make this information as widely available as possible, and opened this store.

The DVDs we offer contain the knowledge everybody needs to avoid health problems, to roar with energy into each busy new day, to live with a zest and vitality you probably haven’t felt in years.

If you’re looking for an overview that can present this information from a variety of top experts, we recommend our documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE. It’s 40 minutes long, and the DVD also contains another 2.5 hours of extended interviews where the experts talk about a variety of subjects you’ll want to hear.



Some of our most popular DVD sets are the GET HEALTHY NOW DVDs.

GET HEALTHY NOW is a series of 3-DVD programs, each containing around 12 hours of inspiring, enlightening, practical, life-saving information, from a variety of experts. 

The GET HEALTHY NOW DVDs will show you how to:

  • Lose weight and keep it off permanently
  • Lower blood pressure without toxic drugs
  • Normalize blood sugar without costly medications
  • Dramatically lower your cholesterol without dangerous pharmaceuticals
  • Prevent and reverse heart disease – even if you’ve had a heart attack
  • Prevent and arrest type II diabetes
  • Arrest arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases
  • Break sugar addiction
  • Control depression
  • Protect yourself from prostate or breast cancer
  • Avoid osteoporosis
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Banish constipation
  • Avert unnecessary, risky, expensive medical treatments
  • Raise healthy kids
  • Have more energy throughout the day

You won’t find the information in our GET HEALTHY NOW series on television very much. Why not? Because nearly every network and cable channel in the world relies on advertising dollars from Big Food and Big Drugs. Even PBS hesitates to bite the hand that feeds it.

But now you can have this information plain and unvarnished – and immediately start reaping the benefits.

The doctors in our DVD programs don’t treat; they show you how to cure yourself. They give a road map to vibrant physical and mental health, and it comes down to what you eat.

The series showcases courageous health pioneers like John McDougall MD, Joel Fuhrman MD, Jay Gordon MD, T. Colin Campbell PhD, Neil Nedly MD, Caldwell Esselstyn MD, Rip Esselstyn, Milton Mills MD, Jeffrey Novick RD, Pam Popper PhD, Jeffrey Masson PhD, John Robbins, Bryant Terry – and many others.

This groundbreaking collection of experts is not available anywhere else.

Follow the example taken by former President Bill Clinton and celebrities like Michelle Pfeiffer, Sanjay Gupta MD, and Samuel L. Jackson, who have used these principles and products to lose weight and dramatically improve their health.

Want to cut to the chase and get a DVD showing how to cook this way, how to prepare delicious, satisfying, healthy meals -- in only ten minutes? Then check out Jeff Novick's FAST FOOD DVD Series.

Don’t be a processed person

Our medical system is upside down. It offers a crapshoot of dangerous drugs, risky medical procedures and crushing expense. But there is another way. And unlike conventional medicine, it actually works.

Perhaps you or someone you know has acid reflux. Or trouble sleeping. Or often feels constipated, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lupus or other serious condition. Or gets headaches, stomach pain, feels a lack of energy.

If you or someone you know suffers from any of the above, there are drugs, pills and potions that the medical-industrial complex wants to sell you.

OR you can toss away your tablets and tonics, save your money, and add a lot of happy, healthy years to your life – with the information on the videos we offer.

We have seen first hand and through many others that there IS hope. It really is possible to prevent and reverse nearly every chronic disease affecting people today.

Yours in good health,

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson