Jeff Novick's Fast Food Video - Vol. 4 "Beyond the Basics"

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2 Hour Video Program

Watch Chef Jeff describe some of the subjects covered in this great new program:


Do you want to eat healthy, but hate to cook? Does cooking take too much time? Cost too much money? Is it too hard? Does your grocery shopping bag come from a drive-through?

If the asnwer to any of these questions is YES, then Chef Jeff Novick can lend you a helping hand -- not to mention a spurtle!

In this essential DVD, nutritionist and Chef Jeff Novick goes "beyond the basics" taught in the first video in the Fast Food series, The Basics.Beyond the Basics features several tomato-free recipes, as well as healthy and improved versions of some exotic favorites. In his own exuberant style, Chef Jeff demonstrates how anyone can create a healthy, low cost, delicious and easy meal in under 10 minutes!

Customer Reviews:

I just have to say I am loving it. Can hardly wait to share with my family. I will gift the dvds.. the twins I am sure will make a impression on my grandchildren. So Mahalo to you and the fast food twins. A great team!!! I have made the sweet potato soup and this morning the stock broth... and you are right the kitchen smells wonderful!!!

Jeff starts off with a few basics - the 10 Healthiest Packaged Foods, Fast Food recipe template, then goes on to some basic recipes - vegetable broth, marinara sauce, and 3 different tahini sauces. These will be used later in the DVD. His new set of recipes themselves starts off with 2 different soups - Mushroom Barley and Gypsy. He found frozen diced sweet potatoes in a store and uses them in the Gypsy soup. Next comes the entrees. First is Kasha Varnishkas, this was Jeff's favorite dish growing up and the one his mom makes for him every time he visits. The next is Quinoa, Lentils and Greens and uses one of the tahini sauces made earlier. Couscous, Fava Beans and Peas is next. Another one with tahini sauce. Mediterranean Millet introduces yet another grain to the stable and also uses the tahini sauce. The last recipe on the DVD is another of his grandmother's favorite dishes. It's called Tzimmes, or Sweet Potato Stew. This one got a high-five instead of the thumbs up from the Fast Food Twins, so I look forward to making this one soon. These recipes are not the "glop in a pot" recipes, as someone once described the original SNAP/Fast Food recipes. He introduces new starches, new beans, new sauces, and even new spices. A few recipes use raisins, a few others almonds & pine nuts. Tomatoes are an optional ingredient in the Gypsy Soup and he made it without it here. Most of the dishes follow his fast food 10-minute guidelines, although for a few, the grains might take a bit longer than 10 minutes to cook or you'll be making one part of the dish while another is cooking, like browning then cooking the kasha in one pan, frying up the onions in another, and cooking the pasta in yet another, before mixing them together and heating them all together with other ingredients to make the final dish. They all look interesting and sure to be staples along with the original SNAP recipes with this family from now on.]Thanks for finally getting this DVD released, Jeff. It looks like it was well worth the wait! Multiple thumbs up from this neck of the woods!


Jeff Novick is truly a unique dietitian and nutritionist. His insightful and humorous approach to nutrition and health has helped thousands worldwide make the transition to healthy living. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana State University in nutrition with minors in Exercise Science.

Jeff has taught nutrition classes at Indiana State University, Indiana University Medical School, the University of Miami Medical School and for the Florida Academy of Family Physicians and lectures at medical conferences around the country on a regular basis. While in Indiana, he created and taught the Nutrition Education Initiative, a preventive medicine curriculum for medical doctors, residents, and medical students. In recognition of this groundbreaking project, Indiana's governor awarded him the Indiana State Public Health Excellence in Health Science Award, and Indiana State awarded him the Graduate-of-the-Last-Decade Award.

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