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3 DVDs - 12 hours of inspiring, enlightening, life-saving information!

Here is some of the NEW INFORMATION you'll get with this DVD set, which does not appear in any previous Expo DVDs:

* READING LABELS Jeffrey Novick, MS, RD, LV/N of the Pritikin Center reveals what the food companies don't want you know about food labels. A former manager at Kraft Foods, Dr. Novick blows the lid off the tricks the food industry uses to keep you fat, ignorant, and buying their "health" food.

* OPTIMIZING HEALTH FOR WOMEN Pam Popper, PhD, ND loves addressing women's health issues since women not only are responsible for their own health, but often control diet and health issues fro children and families. Her talk will include information about weight loss, osteoporosis, breast health, hormone replacement and how to reverse aging.

* CREATING AN URBAN ORGANIC KITCHEN Bryant Terry shows how you can convert to an affordable, healthier and planet-friendly lifestyle, to make a green kitchen while helping insure the economic well-being of small farmers.

* THE FACE ON YOUR PLATE Bestselling author Jeffrey Masson PhD discusses the issues surrounding eating "free range" and other "happy" animals.

* OBESITY Several experts will teach you how to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

* HEART DISEASE Cardiology expert Caldwell Esselstyn MD shows the latest work in his 20-year study definitively demonstrating how you can avoid the Number One killer in the U.S. His work -- and all the study participants who were supposed to be dead long ago, but are healthier than much of the population -- is proof you can make yourself heart attack proof.

* ARE HUMANS DESIGNED TO EAT MEAT? Milton Mills MD gives a comparative anatomy lesson on natural carnivores versus natural herbivores and omnivores. Which diet do humans thrive one?

* AGONY & ECSTACY OF OUR TIMES Bestselling author John Robbins looks at the unprecedented loss and destruction of our current world, and asks how we can respond to the pain of our times with vitality, compassion and yes, even joy.

* PRACTICAL MEDITATION: A HISTORY, AND HOW TO... Buddhist Monk Rev. Heng Sure, PhD, gives a survey and history of meditation pracices, medical studies of meditation and practical instructions from a variety of traditions.


* COOKING DEMOS Learn how to create quick and easy delicious healthy food in the Cooking Demo section with Chef Tanya of Native Foods, Jennifer Cornbleet, faw chef, Ann Esselstyn of Dr. Esselstyn's Heart Disease Reversal Program, and Sabrina Nelson of VegSource.

AND MUCH MORE, including a Q&A panel with all experts fielding questions from audience members.

DVD speakers include:

  • Joel Fuhrman, MD
  • John Robbins
  • Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LV/N
  • Caldwell Esselstyn, MD
  • Milton Mills, MD
  • Pam Popper, PhD, ND
  • Bryant Terry
  • Jeffrey Masson, PhD
  • Rev. Heng Sure PhD
  • Raw Food Chef Jennifer Cornbleet
  • Chef Tanya of Native Foods
  • Chef Ann Esselstyn
  • Sabrina Nelson

This is information you could perhaps find piece-by-piece if you visited several different noted medical and health experts -- and if you knew where to look in the first place to find them.

But you can get it ALL right here in this remarkable DVD set!

* This DVD set contains he full talks from the full 2 and a half days of the Expo weekend!

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