Jeff Novick's Fast Food Video - Vol. 1 "The Basics"

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2 Hour DVD Program


Do you want to eat healthy, but hate to cook? Does cooking take too much time? Cost too much money? Is it too hard? Does your grocery shopping bag come from a drive-through?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then Chef Jeff Novick can lend you a helping hand -- not to mention spurtle!

In this essential video, nutritionist and Chef Jeff Novick takes on Fast Food in his own exuberant style -- and demonstrates how anyone can create a healthy, low cost, delicious and easy meal in under ten minutes.

Now that's fast food we can all enjoy!



Some healthy eating programs are hard to stick with, because they're too much work, the recipes are too hard, or they just don't satisfy. You end up snacking on junk because you don't feel full.

Jeff Novick's FAST FOOD is different. It makes an excellent gift for someone trying to lose weight, make a healthy change in their life -- and stick with it. Jeff shows how healthy eating can be easy, satisfying and fun.

This 2-hour DVD is chalk full of recipes, demos and information. There's also a PDF file in the DVD which you can open on your computer to print the recipes and useful tips.

This is a lot more than a cooking video! It's full of great educational information, stories from Jeff's experiences, and tips for shopping and preparing foods in the easiest, healthiest and most inexpensive way.

All recipes are low-fat, 100% plant-based, delicious, filling, fast to prepare, and most important -- extremely healthy!

And who says healthy eating has to be expensive? Not Jeff Novick. You can eat this way for just a few dollars a day.




Jeff Novick is truly a unique dietitian and nutritionist. His insightful and humorous approach to nutrition and health has helped thousands worldwide make the transition to healthy living. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana State University in nutrition with minors in Exercise Science.

Jeff has taught nutrition classes at Indiana State University, Indiana University Medical School, the University of Miami Medical School and for the Florida Academy of Family Physicians and lectures at medical conferences around the country on a regular basis. While in indiana, he created and taught the Nutrition Education Initiative, a preventive medicine curriculum for medical doctors, residents, and medical students. In recognition of this groundbreaking project, Indiana's governor awarded him the Indiana State Public Health Excellence in Health Science Award, and Indiana State awarded him the Graduate-of-the-Last-Decade Award.

What People Are Saying About Jeff Novick's Fast Food

"You all are so awesome!! This is exactly what I need. I work full-time with a very hectic schedule of children's activities, and we eat fast food entirely too much. My kids almost think it's normal! My biggest concern is the serious lack of healthy choices at almost all restaurants. Subway is the only one we can really go to, but they are not always nearby like McNasty (our nickname)!!"
-- Thanks, Robin

"Jeff Novick's fast food recipes saved me from going nuts the other day when several family members were visiting. I prepared one of Jeff's quick meals (with no worry and no fuss on my part) to all of these non vegetarians, and I even had time to make up a large salad. And they all loved the meal! And I loved the no worry no fuss part that was even fun. Thank's to all of you!"
-- Arneta
"I made my first "Fast Food" (Mexican Fiesta) meal last night for my girlfriend and her family. I had been bragging all day about how great this would be. They were all a little suspect, you see, since I'm not known as much of a chef around the house. I knew I was going out on a limb when I told them how much they would like the dinner. Well as it turned out everyone loved it...and it was so simple to do. The meals are foolproof! Without question your Fast Food is the best investment anyone, concerned with their health, could make."

"Jeff, I saw you at the Vegsource Expo in So. Cal. a few weeks back. I just wanted to let you know that you were the final piece of the puzzle that made the "doing" part of this diet work for me and my family. I've been reading McDougall for years, but we were still unhealthy vegans. (Both my husband and I have 15 pounds to lose.)
"I don't like meal prep, so the less time in the kitchen the better. When I wanted to make something "fast" I was feeding my kids Boca nuggets and tater tots. (I know, bad mommy.) You're Fast Food presentation at the Recipe session on Sunday morning did the trick - mixing and matching the 5 main ingredients. It's fast, I feel like I always have food in the fridge or freezer, so I'm never scrambling or spending an hour cooking when I'm already hungry.
And the cherry on the sundae is that my kids (6 & 8 years old) eat it and give me the "thumbs up" sign. That's huge.
The other cherry on the sundae (I guess there are two cherries) is that I've already lost 3 pounds and don't feel the least bit deprived and have more energy.
"So, this is a long way of saying thank you, thank you, thank you! I finally get it."
-- Jen

"I have been through the 10 day McDougall program and I have struggled every since because I am not a good cook. Mix that with 8-10hr work days and 2-3hr commutes and I struggle to cook for myself. I have read about your recipes and even copied them off the discussion boards but still could not put it all together. Your video has tied all the pieces together. I must be a visual learner in part, because seeing theproducts and you and your helpers -- put it together. I realized I could really do it also!"
-- Candis

"I bought this video for my teenage son, so he would know how to cook some basic vegetarian meals when he goes off to college. I've made all the recipes myself - they're all good. The salad dressing recipe has become standard issue in our house, it's that good, especially if you use fresh dill."
-- Paula

"I had a chance to view Jeff Novick's new DVD Fast Food. I thought it was excellent and fills a significant need. It provides support and guidance for folks who are limited in terms of finance, cooking skills, cooking facilities, access to fresh produce and time. This is an invaluable DVD program."
Don F, MD


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