Hidden Messages In Your Children's Writing (DOWNLOAD)

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY -- We no longer ship this physical book, but you can download the book in PDF format, print it up and read it (or read the PDF file). You can download the file immediately after checkout when you receive a download link. 

(For Parents, Teachers & All Children Lovers)

Andrea has written a very special and important booklet for understanding your children, Hidden Messages in Your Children's Writing. Designed for analyzing the drawings, doodles and handwriting of children ages 2 through 17, this illustrated 64-page booklet will show you how to use graphology to learn what your children are really feeling, but may not be saying.

You'll learn ways to determine: how your child is progressing compared to other children his age; what his hidden talents and abilities are; and whether he is happy, intelligent, well-adjusted, stable, and in good health. Andrea also shows some important warning signs that indicate it's time to get your child professional help, including tips on spotting drug and alcohol use.

If you have children or are a teacher, this booklet is an absolute must.

Price: 64-page book: US$ 15.00 (you will be given a link to download the booklet immediately after checkout)

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